How we work

Are you looking to go on an adventure and need help making it happen?

We specialise in helping you research, plan and organise your next escape

Adventurous honeymoons, career breaks and extended trips are our passion: we’ll create a bespoke experience you’ll never forget

We’ll get to know you, help you choose where in the world to go, and personally recommend out-of- the-ordinary travel experiences

We’ll handle all your bookings, and can help arrange all the logistics and nitty gritty too – all within the budget that suits you

Our promise

Here’s what you’ll get with a Faraway trip…

“Faraway were amazing at understanding my travel needs and meticulously researched, planned and booked my 6 week adventure. The personal service I received was 5 star, and the experiences they found for me, absolutely made it the trip of a life time. I would 100% recommend Faraway for their brilliant customer service and unique offer.”

Clare // 6 weeks in Asia & Australasia

Who we help

We help independent travellers who dream about going on an adventure somewhere a bit different, and need help making it happen. So, if you’re a little adventurous, somewhat free-spirited and up for embracing some new experiences, we can help.

We typically help with trips of three weeks or more, and honeymoons are our speciality. We’ve also helped solo travellers, couples, families and smalls groups of friends go on some incredible trips.

Budget-wise, we’re known for helping people discover special and out-of-the-ordinary experiences at a range of budgets. However, if you’re travelling on an absolute shoestring, there might be better options for you.

How much does it cost?


plus an optional fee for extra help with flights, routes and logistics (£25 per hour).

We offer a money-back guarantee if you’re not completely happy, but we’re confident you will be.

Common questions

We help independent travellers who dream about pressing pause on their busy lives for a far-flung adventure, and don’t have the time to make it happen. So, if you’re a little adventurous, somewhat free-spirited and up for embracing some new experiences, we’re probably a good fit.

We’re great at matching people to special and out-of-the-ordinary experiences at a range of budgets. However, if you’re travelling on an absolute shoestring, there might be better options for you.

We typically help people go on trips of three weeks or more.

For trips of six weeks or less, we normally plan the entire thing end-to-end. For longer trips, we usually recommend a selection of experiences that can be sprinkled throughout and supplemented with cheaper or more spontaneous travel. We can happily help organise and book experiences once you’re mid-trip too.

If you’re dreaming of an adventure that’s less than three weeks, fill in our brief and we’ll happily help if we can.

In general, we recommend multi-day experiences or places to stay with a strong experiential focus.

We have a collection of carefully chosen partners around the world. There are island-hopping expeditions, surf camps, jungle treks, horse ranches, road trips and many more. We also work with guesthouses and hotels offering something special and out-of-the-ordinary, such as a community-run eco lodge on the edge of a game reserve.

Where we can, we find them ourselves – through research to begin with, and then in person (it’s a horrid job, but somebody’s got to do it…). We also have a growing community of travellers, locals, and industry contacts who scout out gems and make introductions for us.

Once we find them, we aim to get to know the owners and build long-term relationships. Typically, they are either locals passionate about giving people an unforgettable taste of their country or free-spirited nomads who, after much exploring, have found a corner of the world to call home and share with others.

This will depend on how long you’re travelling for, how slowly you’d like to travel and how much support you’d like with your plans.

Most of our travellers ask us to recommend eight to ten experiences. This is perfect if you’re going away for up to six weeks and you’d like us to take care of all of your plans. Or if you’re off on a longer adventure and you’d like us to recommend special experiences that you can sprinkle throughout your trip.

We’ll help to guide you on this. Most people assume they can fit far more into their trip than is realistic or enjoyable! You can always come back to us for more recommendations later down the line.

This will really depend on you, the types of experiences you want to have and what you can afford to spend.

As part of your trip brief, we ask you for an approximate budget and then personally match you to experiences in line with that. We can guide you as to where to splurge and where to save.

Typically, our travellers spend £2,000 or more per person with us. This includes the cost of the experiences, our service fee and logistical support. Flights and day-to-day spend are extra.

We’ll ensure you make the most of your time and your budget by getting to know you and what you personally want to get out of your trip.

We go to great lengths to research really special partners around the world who will give you an unforgettable experience, and personally match our recommendations to you (encouraging you to be a little adventurous, of course).

We send you away with a beautiful guide containing all the details you need, and will be on hand if you need us.

Oh, and here’s a little anecdote from two of our travellers…

“We’ve just been into *unnamed high street travel agent* and they’ve told us with our £15k budget we can do a fortnight in the USA, not the six-week trip we’re dreaming of… We’ve always been excited to organise our own travelling but between work and wedding planning we’ll struggle to do all the leg work for such an important trip. With your help, we know it’ll be extra special.”

Finally, we also offer a money back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied. But, we’re confident you will be.

We work hard to get to know you and what you dream of doing on your trip, and only recommend places and experiences we think you’ll love.

If you don’t like our recommendations, we’d love the chance to find some others. If we’re still off the mark, we’ll refund the £149 service fee.

(P.s. So far, we’re happy to say we’ve had very satisfied travellers all round – take a peek at our reviews on Facebook)

Some people relish the challenge of working out their route, flights and logistics. They pride themselves on the number of tabs they can juggle at once and the complexity of their spreadsheets. If this is you, we salute you.

If you’d rather we take care of the boring and stressful stuff, we can do that for you too.

We operate this as a flexible as-you-need-it service, priced per hour. It’s completely optional and we’ll give you a realistic quote before we begin.