Our story

Working life can be a funny thing, can’t it? You start off wide-eyed and eager to make your mark. The next thing you know, your days are slipping by in a busy routine and you realise you’ve been at your desk for a decade.


One Monday (it was always going to be a Monday), feeling particularly restless and zapped of energy, we decided to do something about it. Within six months, we’d rented out our flat and headed off on adventure to recharge, reset and see more of the world together. It was, without a doubt, the best decision we’ve ever made.

Around 5 weeks in, we found ourselves (after 24 hours’ travelling by land, air and sea) on a remote island off the northern tip of Sulawesi in Indonesia. It was one of those magical places with no wi-fi, where our phones never left our rucksacks and our thoughts started wandering to how life might be different when we came home.


Faraway began as a crazy dream really, but we kept coming back to it throughout our travels as we tried hard to find special and off-the-beaten-path experiences and met others searching for the same.

Well, we came home and decided to give things a shot. Somehow, after 6 months of being joined-at-the-hip, the prospect of spending every day working together didn’t scare us… And now we’re building out our small team and doing our very best to turn our dream into a reality.


That’s the thing about travel – it gives you the courage to do crazy things.

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