Faraway founders Al & Hells

Faraway is Helen and Al. We’re two travel lovers who crave adventure, and want to help you take time out for an experience you’ll never forget.

Our journey to building Faraway comes from a simple idea: we love trips that are more than just a holiday, and believe in taking time to re-set and experience something different.

Before Faraway we were both climbing the corporate ladder in London, spending as much time as our jobs would allow traveling. For us, two weeks away was never quite enough, and planning the trips became part of the experience. We’d spend hours researching the gems which weren’t in the travel guides, challenging ourselves to discover something new in every place.

Our trips got longer and longer until eventually we took six months out to explore Indonesia and South America. We’d both been working for ten years, and wanted to take time away from our hectic lives with a proper escape. It was then we realised we could be onto something special, and came home energised to turn this idea into something more.

Since then, we’ve got married (Al proposed on a swan pedalo in Rio, in case you’re wondering); been on an adventurous honeymoon in India; and spent time living in Portugal and South Africa, all the while seeking out new travel experiences and adventures.

This is why we're building Faraway – we want to help you plan your unforgettable experience. 
Get in touch; we’d love to help you escape.

Helen & Al